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Random Photo Upload On Fri Jul 19th, 2019 at 1:09AM (19 hits)
Just an image I uploaded on Fri Jul 19th, 2019 at 1:09AM... What do you think? ...
Posted Friday, July 19th 2019 at 1:09AM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Nelson Mandela Day: Why he is so important (109 hits)
Today marks Mandela Day - also known as Nelson Mandela International Day. It is held every year on 18 July. It is on this day because this marks the birthday of Nelson Mandela - the South African anti-apartheid leader. The special day was created by the United Nations (UN) and honours Mandela's ...
Posted Thursday, July 18th 2019 at 10:51PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
2019 Audubon Convention: Audubon For Everyone (125 hits)
July 26-29, 2019 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin Registration for the 2019 Audubon Convention is now open! Register Today! https://www.cvent.com/events/2019-audubon-convention/registration-1885e691b7614ee5905e769560b50bc6.aspx?fqp=true Join us in Milwaukee for Audubon’s biennial convention design ...
Posted Thursday, July 18th 2019 at 4:41PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
The Great Grandmother of HBCUConnect! (63 hits)
Mattie Moss loved her some Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune! It is a great way to stay atop of current trivia and events! ...
Posted Tuesday, July 16th 2019 at 7:23PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
10 Ways to Help Birds (105 hits)
It's easy to make real progress in helping birds by taking a few simple, everyday actions. Here are 10 ideas to get you started. Brew a Bird-Friendly Roast Drinking shade-grown coffee is one of the most direct ways you can fund habitat conserva ...
Posted Tuesday, July 16th 2019 at 1:52PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
The truth about gaming disorder, from Fortnite to World of Warcraft (541 hits)
As the number of young gamers has risen sharply, so have addiction narratives Alex Hern @alexhern Gaming disorder may be a newly recognised condition, but disordered gaming is anything but new. In 2010, a Korean couple was arrested for fatal child neglect spurred by an obsession with Prius ...
Posted Sunday, July 7th 2019 at 7:34AM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Make new memories this Independence Holiday! (457 hits)
Enjoy the different phases of ways you celebrate. From rocking the perfect outfit, to getting with the right friends, to watch the Fireworks or not; No matter what, surround yourself with good vibes. Do you know what countries are included in the Americas? Check this out: https://en.wikiped ...
Posted Thursday, July 4th 2019 at 9:18AM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Today’s most seasoned business moguls and inspiring entrepreneurs will gather at the first Annual Global Black Economic Forum, taking place Friday, July 5th and Saturday, July 6th at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) in New Orleans during the 25th Anniversary ESSENCE Festival. The mission of the h ...
Posted Tuesday, July 2nd 2019 at 5:25PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Mike Pence Fast Facts (245 hits)
Personal: Birth date: June 7, 1959 Birth place: Columbus, Indiana Birth name: Michael Richard Pence Father: Edward Pence, gas station owner Mother: Nancy Pence-Fritsch Marriage: Karen Pence (1985-present) Children: Michael, Charlot ...
Posted Tuesday, July 2nd 2019 at 4:42PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Les Wexner: Success Stems From Curiosity | 100 Seconds of Advice | Forbes (301 hits)
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Forbes we sat with the 100 greatest living business minds, including Les Wexner, chairman and CEO of L Brands. Photography by Martin Schoeller Subscribe to FORBES: https://www.youtube.com/user/Forbes?s... Stay Connected Forbes on Facebook: http://fb.com/ ...
Posted Tuesday, July 2nd 2019 at 2:58PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Lets Talk: Depression (269 hits)
Thanks for watching! #PaidGang -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOR RECENT VLOGGY VLOGS! →https://bit.ly/2tLRIlb FOR ME AND MY MOMS SHENANIGANS→https://bit.ly/2Kb2mIm ...
Posted Monday, July 1st 2019 at 4:32PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Stem cell news (127 hits)
Dr. Bryan Schuetz shares the latest news about stem cells around the world. They are now being used with macular degeneration, spinal cord injuries, heart disease and osteoarthritis. ...
Posted Monday, July 1st 2019 at 11:53AM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Bill Gates says Microsoft — not Google — should have built the dominant mobile operating system (186 hits)
The failure of Microsoft to establish a leading mobile operating system was a huge blow to the company, and something that apparently still haunts one of its co-founders to this day. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said Monday that not develop ...
Posted Monday, July 1st 2019 at 11:37AM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Volunteer with the Special Olympic! (243 hits)
This past Saturday I had the pleasure of spending time with some inspiring individuals! We, 9 other volunteers along with staff worked together to coach and direct skaters with special needs compete on the skating rink! To my chagrin I was of ...
Posted Sunday, June 30th 2019 at 11:37AM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Run These Streets 4 Miler - sign up for the race, sponsor a participate, or donate to the cause (272 hits)
Greetings, My name is Dr. Wes Bellamy and I am the Founder and Executive Director of We Code, Too -- A local non profit organization that teaches African American and LatinX youth how to write Computer Code and Program. Our organization also ...
Posted Friday, June 28th 2019 at 9:44AM
by: Elly Moss
How I choose to love my wife while struggling with my mental health ... (231 hits)
Shortly after Maddie was born, I was in the most mentally messed up place I had ever been in my life. It was the first time football was taken away from me after being injured with the Bengals. It was tough, but I had no choice but to get it together ...
Posted Friday, June 28th 2019 at 8:41AM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
White vs. Black Pride? Why is the gay community segregated? | Tarek Ali (343 hits)
Let's start the conversation. Leave your comments questions and concerns in the comments and respond to other comments! Like & Subscribe also! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow me on social media: @ItsTarekAli TW ...
Posted Thursday, June 27th 2019 at 10:20AM
by: Elly Moss
Mental Health (279 hits)
Ways to help the brain... -Connect with free resources set in place to offer therapy -Volunteer to help those less fortunate -Organise community outreach initiatives to become more familiar with your surroundings -Meditate -Form open com ...
Posted Sunday, June 23rd 2019 at 5:48AM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Father you are our Rockstar! We are your number one followers. (820 hits)
Happy Fathers Day Poppas all over every where! You are like a Drum 🥁. You are the pulse of the family. When you interact with people they feel your goodness in their mind body and soul. We salute you Fathers who take pride in being a Parent. You are a Shepard directing your flock. ...
Posted Sunday, June 16th 2019 at 10:47AM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Fathers We Honor You (933 hits)
Fathers Day Weekend 2019 is upon us and it is a reason to celebrate! We hope to show you how much we appreciate you and your impact on our life. We all have different expectations of the role you play. The energy you fathers put towards meeting our needs is a treasured gift. Your love live ...
Posted Saturday, June 15th 2019 at 1:43PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Love Made ...... (958 hits)
From here on out you will get my most creative Love... I will put thought into the gifts I give you... Creativity.... You make it all worth while..... You make me smile.... You are the silk against my soul... ...
Posted Monday, May 13th 2019 at 2:52AM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Ma! Mom! Mommy! Mama! (1240 hits)
You work hard to provide for your family. Thank you. You correct our speech and teach us the right way to talk. Thank you. You teach us not to curse. Thank you. You teach us how to clean house. Thank you. You teach us to take our vitamins. Thank you. You teach us we are beautiful despi ...
Posted Sunday, May 12th 2019 at 2:07PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Ross University School of Medicine and Tuskegee University Partner to Address Physician Diversity in the U.S. (528 hits)
The United States is facing a critical absence of diversity in medicine, and the disproportionately low numbers of African-American doctors is causing negative health outcomes in communities across the country. Reflecting its commitment to improve di ...
Posted Monday, May 6th 2019 at 2:32PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Keep on (660 hits)
May we remember to get on our Knees to pray and give thanks! Just like Grandma 😁 ...
Posted Sunday, May 5th 2019 at 11:32PM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
Random Photo Upload On Sun May 5th, 2019 at 12:16AM (1211 hits)
Just an image I uploaded on Sun May 5th, 2019 at 12:16AM... What do you think? ...
Posted Sunday, May 5th 2019 at 12:16AM
by: Elly Moss | post comment
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